See the TERMS section (in bottom of the home page) or here: http://www.afrosoundplayer.com/grading.htm
Place your order selecting the payment method "Money Order" or "Personal Check" (doing so you will avoid the automatic paypal checkout that force to pay immediatly). I will send the paypal invoice including the correct shipping cost. Contact me if any problem: zaius69@gmail.com
check here: http://www.afrosoundplayer.com/shipping%20cost.html
Yes, i will always try to optimize shipping cost: if you buy several items (check the rates in the TERMS section), if you have placed several orders, if you want to add records to what you won on my ebay auction (in this case, add one day to the shipping time).
Worldwide, if you can't find your location in the automatic check out, please contact me: zaius69@gmail.com
Paypal, credit card via Paypal (no need to have a Paypal account), Bank transfer, Money transfert (Moneygram, Western union, Sigue...), personal check (France only).
I usually send in 1 open day after i receive the payment. France: 2-5 jours, Europe: 1 week, East europe: 4-8 weeks, USA/Canada/Japan: 2 weeks, South america: 3-8 weeks, Australia:2-3 weeks.
I want all my customers happy, please contact me if anything wrong and i will do my best to solve the problem. Email: zaius69@gmail.com
Just send an email to zaius69@gmail.com with "mailing list" in the subject.